Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial Investigation

We offer pre and post marriage investigation services to check the background of the bride or the groom and their families and friends.

Marriage is the most important decision people makes in their lives. The decision to settle down with a suitable match and have a family affects persons throughout their lives. Unlike jobs or business decisions, life partners cannot be changed without terrible heartbreak and lingering lifelong acrimony. Cases of dowry or wife abuse, though reprehensible and shameful, are a fact of life. The news is filled with instances of heinous crimes committed under the guise of marriage. And the only way to stop this is to be fully knowledgeable of the individual one intends to marry.

Private Detective Sanjay Singh and his team understand the importance of getting the truth about the bride or the groom to have a happy marriage. We understand that the person’s character, academic qualifications, financial security, etc. are important issues to be considered before tying the knot. Also, the importance of the families of the couple is more in India as parents, siblings and close relatives of both the individuals tend to regularly mix and interact with each other. It is therefore mandatory that all information that should lead to a promising life together should be answered in full. Any secrets, etc. that are hidden and may affect the relationship should be brought to light.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

In this age and day the business of private investigators is just rowing at an immense pace.

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Pre/Post-Matrimonial detective services are getting a lot of attention these days.