Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Post Marriage Investigation

We help married people resolve their doubts about the fidelity of their spouses and gather evidence on any harassment by in-laws. Our services enable individuals and their loved ones to either annul unhappy marriages or strengthen successful ones.

Post-marriage matrimonial issues create a lot of stress and tension for the wronged party. In most cases, people are left with no choice but to continue their lives as usual because of lack of any factual evidence. Problems such as illicit relationships and mental torment need clear proof before a court can decide to bring justice for the suffering individual. In most cases, family pressure prevents people from coming forth and ending the marriage and they continue to suffer in agony.

Besides the regular cases like dowry or physical abuse of the wife, other instances such as wrong influence on children by family members or relatives or coercion to do or hep in illegal activities are also sufficient grounds for seeking separation or divorce.

Indian Detective Agency helps such victims find a voice and stand up for their basic fundamental rights. We provide detective services for post-marital problems such as:

Love affairs: We find the crucial data needed to prove love affairs. We conduct discreet background check and make audio and video recordings of meetings. We also screen phone calls and messages, emails, banking and credit card bills, etc. that would nail the guilty party

Enquiry into disrespect: In many families, there are daily occurrences of mental abuse by show of disrespect to the family of the victim. In-laws, family and relatives would intentionally say or do things that are hurtful, vulgar and depressive. We help record such behaviour and bring the guilty party to justice

Immoral or illegal activities: In certain instances, the spouse and their family or friends may engage in illegal activities that our customer needs to prove as reasons to get out of the traumatising marriage. Our solutions allow our customers to prove such happenings in court and annul their marriage

International enquiry:There are regular instances of husbands moving away to another country and leaving their wives and children without any financial support. We help the spouse and their loved ones watch such miscreants and bring justice to our clients. We also help trace NRI individuals who abuse their wives or do not let them seek divorce or return to the country. As these people need to be caught under the laws of another nation, we work with our associate teams of international detectives who follow up such cases and record information necessary to help our customer.

We undertake our investigations with utmost discretion and guarantee that no information leak occurs. Our private detective agency have extensive experience in helping wronged parties in India and abroad. We understand the trauma our clients suffer to continue in their unhappy marriages. We ensure that we fast watch all such post-marital investigations and find and record evidence within a few days to wind up cases much faster than other players in the market.