Loan and Finances Investigation

Loan and Finances Investigation

Today due to difficult economic condition, taking financial assistance, loans and debts from money lending firms, financial institutions and individuals are becoming a norm of life style. More and more people are opting for such financial assistance and loan to fulfill their daily needs and requirements and to make their life more comfortable. However, due to the increasing rate of frauds and crime it is becoming quite difficult for lending parties to recover the loans and finances without any issue.

Financial institutions and lending agencies are facing problem in recovering the loan amount from the borrower. Moreover, people may also abscond sometime and the organizations may file an Insolvency Petition or IP. So, in such cases lending agencies may approach Indian Detective Agency to unveil the motive behind the money dodging.

We at IDA offer services to financial institutions and lending agencies and help them to recover the amount without any hassle. We offer services for financial frauds. We help the financial institutions and banks to trace the loan defaulter and make the organization aware about them. We have solved many financial frauds cases and traced many loan defaulters who have abscond with the loan money. We put all our efforts and help the financial institutions to recover the money from the borrower. The case of loan evading is quite higher in India and it is always better to hire our services if you don’t want to become the next victim of such defaulters.

We are a leading private detective agency and have successfully solved several critical money evading and loan cases, recovery cases and debt cases. We always remain top priority of our clients because we offer customized financial investigation services. We are considered as a reputed detective agency as far as financial and loan investigation service is concerned. The information we gather is quite helpful for our clients and also we help them to recover the money as quickly as possible without defying law and order.

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