Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre Marriage Investigation

Unlike earlier times where joint families were more common and people rarely left behind their native places for education or employment, cities and towns in India are filled today with individuals who are cut off from their relatives and have more interaction with their office colleagues than their friends or family. There is no sharing of day to day happenings, and well-meaning relatives who acted as matchmakers have been replaced by online portals. This has created a distressing lack of information on people of marriageable age. There are no facts on their families, relatives, friends and their backgrounds. People can only see what has been shared online and have no idea on what has been left unsaid.

Indian Detective Agency helps fill this gap in facts by investigating the potential bride or groom and getting relevant information that would help the other party decide whether to proceed with the marriage or call it off. Our detectives have solved over 10,000 cases and are extremely skilled in finding well-hidden information. We have helped numerous families identify fraudsters and immoral individuals who could have otherwise unscrupulously taken advantage of them. Our pre marrige investigation services are provided across all cities and towns in India. We also help families get background checks done on NRI individuals and their families through our strong network of international detective agencies. Our expertise allows us to get results within a span of a few days.

We provide various pre matrimonial investigation services to find data on prospective matches, including:

  • Character checks: Gives information on the nature of the individual, way they treat people, etc.
  • Academic background scrutiny: Helps find whether person is actually qualified as claimed
  • Employment checks: Identifies where he / she works currently and his / her past experience; may involve talking to colleagues or office staff
  • Financial security: Allows customers to understand whether the groom is secure enough to take care of their daughter
  • Family check: Gives details of what type of family the prospective bride or groom has; whether they are kind, well mannered, of good character and whether they have same values as our client
  • Social standing: Helps identify how the society perceives the person and his / her family; whether they are well-respected
  • Friends and Relatives checks: Finds if there are unbearable people among friends and relatives who may sour the marriage in any way
  • Interests, hobbies and pastimes: Gets an idea of the bride’s or groom’s likes and dislikes and whether they match with the groom’s or bride’s respectively
  • Past relationships scrutiny: Unearths past relationships that have been kept hidden despite request for truth from our customers and which may adversely affect the marriage in the future
  • Illegal or immoral activities enquiry: Helps find any illegal or immoral activity that may have happened in the past or even continues into the present

All our pre matrimonial detective services are tailored for the client. We investigate what they want us to and provide them with all information that we find. We keep meticulous records of our enquiries, interviews and background check services, and all data is shared with the customer. We help ensure that a marriage is solemnised with the right life partner and leads to a happy and successful married life for the couple and also their families.