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Indian Detective agency Pvt Ltd is a professional private detective agency in Indore. It is quite popular because of the high-class service. It helps to overcome ego battles in court in relationships with the help of our professional matrimonial detective agency in Indore Each of the cases is handled by detectives in Indore. We provide the personal matrimonial detective service in Indore and India.

We take pride and stand by our experiences in what work we do for our clients. We are working hard for every kind of detective cases in personal for both before and after marriage. We have a professional and well-experienced team in the detective field with years of experience in the detective industry. Indian detective agency Pvt Ltd is available in all the major cities of India.

We have a worldwide network and are also working at PAN India level. In the technology-based era, we believe in technology and use many kinds of spy gadgets such as spy cameras and spy Bluetooth, etc.

We are here to help out clients in the best possible way. We always try to provide important information to the clients for their queries regarding pre and post-marital information and help them to take the right decision.

We provide evidence against the person that are beneficial to make your case strong and the evidence that are also acceptable in the court of law. Matrimonial detective agency in Indore is working in many detective services as- pre/post matrimonial, divorce, a missing person, infidelity, undercover operations, loyalty check and many more.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

It offers character checks, financial security, education scrutiny, family background, social prestige, past relationships, and illegal activities

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Crucial evidence is gathered related to love affairs, illegal or immoral activities, and enquiring about disrespecting in-laws.

We provide 100 % confidentiality and secrecy to its precious clients. We provide a clear picture to our clients and obtain beneficial and strong proofs for our clients. We are one of the finest and the reliable detective agencies in Indore offering services from skilled and experienced matrimonial detectives.

All our professional detectives are trained before assigning any tasks. Our private detective agency in Indore has experience in detective services for many years and is passing on satisfied clients every year. Contact us today for further information on pre and post-marital detective services that are charged for providing the best and satisfactory experience.

Email to [email protected] or call us directly at +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services.

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