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In this fickle world, people come and go from an individual’s lives at a faster rate than any other time in history. No one has the time to do thorough background checks on anyone. Whether you are considering making someone a business partner or getting serious in a relationship, blindly trusting someone who you have met briefly can cost you dearly. You may end up facing legal trouble or a broken heart.

It is better to proceed with caution and run an investigation to find out if there is any reason for you to doubt them. And this is where Indian Detective Agency can help you.

Founded by Mr Sanjay Singh, we are one of the top detective agencies in Indore. Started in 1999, we have more than 20 years of experience in providing top-notch investigation services such as:

Our Expertise Services

Personal Investigation Services: A lot of times one can have a gut feeling that something is a bit “off” about a person even though everything seems normal on the surface. This is the time to listen to your intuition. Hire us for personal investigation services.

Corporate Investigation Services: Are you worried that your employees are indulging in fraudulent activities? Get in touch with us for corporate investigation services.

Matrimonial Investigation Services: Can you trust your spouse or betrothed? If the answer to this question is not an emphatic “yes”, you should not hesitate in hiring us for matrimonial investigation in Indore.

screening Services: With audio and video equipment and technical expertise in carrying out background check, we are the best detective agency for these investigation services. Forensic Services: We offer investigation services to solve crimes ranging from fraud to pilferage and everything in between.

Cyber Crime Investigation Services: Cybercrime is on the rise these days. Hire us if you are facing problems and want to protect yourself against it.

Person Investigation Services: Want to keep an eye on someone and gather information about their activities? Look no further. Avail our person investigation services.

Why Hire Indian Detective Agency?

We are the best detective agency in Indore, here are 5 reasons to prove it:

• We have over 20 years of experience in the industry

• We maintain 100% privacy of information

• We offer 24x7 help and support to our clients

• We offer our personal as well as professional detective services at great prices

• We are associated with the Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI), India and World Association of Detectives (WAD), USA

At Indian Detective Agency pvt ltd, we are proud to have a large team of expert private detectives in Indore who specialize in the field and are eager to offer the best services to our clients. Email to or call us directly at +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services.