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Newspapers are full of bad and horror stories of backstabbing, business frauds, extra-marital affairs and divorce cases. You can’t trust people whether it’s your business or your love life. If you don’t work attentively, you might end up losing everything. Life would be even harder if you fall for the wrong person and take that relationship to wedlock. Be smart enough to not follow anyone’s sweet word but have a quick background check before locking any deal, be it business or marriage. 

There is nothing wrong with checking whether the person is right for you or not. If you are too busy to check personally, hire a professional private detective in Zikarpur. We have a global network at 181 locations and are associated with the world association of detectives, USA and the association of private detectives and investigators, India. The IDAPL (Indian detective agency Pvt. Ltd) was established by Mr Sanjay Singh in 1999. He is one of the renowned names in the industry of detectives. With his sharp skills, knowledge and experience, he has received so many awards and appreciations from governmental authorities all over the world. 

The services offered by our Detective agency in Zirakpur includes: 

1. Forensic Investigation: Sometimes it is hard to trust people without seeing the evidence. We offer all forensic services like DNA test, signature and handwriting investigation, fingerprint analysis, polygraph test etc. The reports will be a hundred per cent genuine and help you to figure out who is lying and why. 
2. Corporate Investigation: Whether you are hiring a new employee or having doubts about hired ones that they might be a threat to your company. We will assist you in with our services such as employment check, background check, asset check etc.  
3. Cybercrime investigation: The Internet indeed makes life easy but also increases the rate of the cyberbully and other cybercrimes. Our team of professionals will help you to find the villains behind the screens and ensures that they pay the amount for their wrong deeds. 
4. Private Investigation: Cheating in a relationship even after marriage is not a new thing to hear but our professional private jasoos can save you from such frauds. Hire us to avail services like post- and pre matrimonial investigation, divorce cases, and extra-marital affair investigation at reliable prices in Zirakpur.   

Why Indian detective agency 

IDAPL is 24/7 available to help our clients with their life problems. You can call us anytime and discuss details with our expert private investigator.   

Indian Detective Agency Zirakpur is headquartered in New Delhi and work 24/7 for their clients. They are linked with ADPI (Association of private detectives and Investigators, India and WAD (World Association of Detectives, USA and have 11 active locations worldwide. You can contact us at or customer support phone number  +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services in Zirakpur.