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IDA helps you to provide with the answers you seek through Investigation and evidence. Best detective Agency in Rajkot has built it's reputationon a foundation of trust, integrity and discretion, with all matters being kept 100% confidential.


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Private Detectives Rajkot

Keeping secrets in life is a common thing being practiced by people nowadays, but such secrets can spoil anyone’s life. Taking a risk on the privacy of your business, relationship, or anything matters to you can risk the privacy of your entire life. How would you know whether your future business or life partner is loyal to you? How would you be sure that trusting them can’t be a risk?

In such a case, Indian Detective Agency Rajkot came into the role. They are the leaders and pioneers of the investigation who have respect and recognition in the field. As it is being said, trusting blindly can cost you money, time, dignity, and your entire future. It is better to have someone by your side to clear your path towards a safe and protective life.

Indian Detective Agency Rajkot (IDAPL) is the leading and award-winning detective agency with gems in the role of investigators and detectives. Whether it’s a personal or corporate issue, you can hire them for their top-class service. IDAPL was established in 1999 and since then has never stopped offering the best services to its clients.

Top-class Service of IDAPL Rajkot Team

Meet our team has never lost a single case since the day the agency was established. With Premium knowledge, experience, and sharp brains, our experts handle every point carefully. Private Detective agency in Rajkot offers confidential, safe, and secured deals on Corporate, Private, Pre- and Post-Matrimonial Investigation, Financial fraud, and finance Investigation, IPR investigation, Love affair Investigation, Employment Investigation, Due Diligence Investigation, Assets Tracing Investigation, cyber-crime Investigation, Risk Mitigation, Trademark Infringement Investigation, competitor Investigation, Industrial Espionage, and forensic services and many Across India and Abroad as well.

Choose us and gain success.

Founder of IDAPL Private Investigator Mr. Sanjay Singh, has a well-renowned presence in the world of detectives and investigators. His name always secures the top place in the list of excellent Detective agency founders. People trust him and his results, which is why you can trust him too with your case.

Here are some reasons to choose the best detective agency Rajkot:

1. We have a Global Presence.
2. Our experts are masters of the investigation Field who offers 24x7 support and help to the clients.
3. We associate with ADPI (Association of private detectives and Investigators, India and WAD (World Association of Detectives, USA.
4. Our client’s details are confidential and secure with us.
5. We offer corporate and private investigation and Detective services at a modest price across the globe.  

Indian Detective Agency Rajkot is headquartered in New Delhi and work 24/7 for their clients. They are linked with ADPI (Association of private detectives and Investigators, India and WAD (World Association of Detectives, USA and have 11 active locations worldwide. You can contact us at or customer support phone number  +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services in Rajkot.



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