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Ever get the inkling that you are being stalked? Maybe you are. Maybe there is someone who is watching you and making plans to destroy you and your entire life. It could be anyone, your life partner, would-be-life partner, friend, family member or even business partner. You simply can’t predict through their facial expressions that what they are planning against you. One thing we know for sure that people are capable of destroying you in anger, even you can destroy anyone in envy or anger. It is common but not tolerable, no one gets the right to ruin the beautiful life that you made with hard work. 

The Indian Detective Agency provides corporate and private investigation services at cheap prices that you won’t get anywhere else. We are the leaders of the detective agency industry and work to provide customer satisfaction at its best. Our team of detective services providers in Meerut is ethical and highly educated. We have completed more than 27 years in the industry and now with this extensive experience of private and corporate investigation, we are helping our clients to live a stressless life. In a short and easy word, you can trust us like your guardian, protector and friend. Our Jasoos would do any possible investigation to solve your case within a few days without troubling you. Your details and name are confidential and secure with us. 

Services of Indian Detective Agency 

1. Corporate investigation: From trademark infringement investigation to risk mitigation to fraud investigation to competitor investigation to employment check to asset search, we offer all services at reliable price. 

2. Private Investigation: If you have doubt on your spouse and want to check whether they are loyal or not, hire us for matrimonial investigation. We also offer post- and pre matrimonial investigation. 

3. We are specialised in cybercrime, criminal investigation and forensic investigation. You can avail any service from us and get the best results. 

Indian Detective Agency Meerut is headquartered in New Delhi and work 24/7 for their clients. They are linked with ADPI (Association of private detectives and Investigators, India and WAD (World Association of Detectives, USA and have 11 active locations worldwide. You can contact us at or customer support phone number  +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services in Meerut.