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Anyone can cheat or plan to destroy you and your career. You can't predict who is in your favor or working against you. Your Intinctions might tell you that something is off, but how would you know what exactly it is? There are probably so many factors that can create doubt but again, detecting them is hard. 

In such conditions, hiring experts of investigation is the best idea to catch the fox in sheep's clothes. It is detective agent's work to keep an eye on people's activities when you hire them. Whether you want a cross-check on an employee or a business partner, detectives will help you give deep insights into their daily activities. These insights will help you to be prepared for anything that could happen to you in the future. 

Hiring Detectives is not a challenging task as long as you know how all these functions. Before hiring anyone, make sure they have authority, license, and legal agency to do work for. Their experience in the field would be a plus point for you. 

If you are searching for the best Detective agency in Hoshiarpur, then the Indian Detective Agency Pvt Ltd, India, is where you serve you with the best corporate and private investigation cases. IDAPL is the leading and award-winning leader of the investigation world. They are the inventors, investors, and restorers that make sure that every investigation case finds a deserving ending. Whether it's a criminal case or corporate, the detective agency team will do challenging core investigation to find the culprit as soon as possible. 

Team of Indian Detective Agency 

Detective Agency Hoshiarpur, Punjab, has a well-trained and experienced detective team who have the knowledge, an upbeat attitude, outstanding skills, dedication, and discipline. They know how to handle cases positively without making their actions obvious to the culprits. You can trust them with your personal information and other data. They believe in giving a hundred percent success to the client's case. They are not only supportive but friendly in nature; you will never feel unheard or alone while working with them.

Services of Indian Detective Agency 

1. Criminal Investigation
2. Cyber-crime Investigation 
3. Corporate Investigation, including competitor investigation, industrial espionage, Trademark Infringement, Pre-employment check, risk mitigation, fraud investigation, undercover agent etc. 
4. Pre and Post marriage Investigation in Hoshiarpur
5. screening Services in Hoshiarpur
6. Forensic services such as Polygraph test, handwriting analysis, fingerprint Analysis, Signature verification, DNA test, etc. 
7. Private Investigation Case in Hoshiarpur, i.e., loyalty check, property investigation, physical background check etc. 

Why Indian detective agency 

Mr. Sanjay Singh is the founder of the Indian Detective Agency Hoshiarpur. He established the agency in 1999, and since then, the team is working on a corporate and private investigation case. It has been more than two decades in the field, and their experience is the factor that makes them stand out in the industry. People know and trust them for the success of their cases. 


Indian Detective Agency Hoshiarpur is headquartered in New Delhi and work 24/7 for their clients. They are linked with ADPI (Association of private detectives and Investigators, India and WAD (World Association of Detectives, USA and have 11 active locations worldwide. You can contact us at or customer support phone number  +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services in Hoshiarpur.