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Ever get the feeling that someone might be cheating you? Intuitions can't be wrong, and sometimes they guide us towards the right path. If you feel that something is wrong with your colleague, employee, business partner, or even life-partner, you need to make sure that what you are thinking is wrong. Otherwise, it might ruin your life. There is nothing wrong with trusting your people, whether you work with them or are involved in a romantic relationship but trusting blindly can be. In this mysterious world where people live with two faces, you can figure who has right or wrong intentions about you. 

In such conditions, having the back of professional private detectives can help you a lot. Living with peace is an art, but there is plenty of art- ruiners. You need to hire expert detective who will help you to know who is cheating behind you. 

Indian Detective Agency Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading industry leaders that has Highly experienced professionals. The agency has been working for over two decades in corporate and personal investigation services. With its unique and unbeatable work, it has collected numerous awards and topped the list of the best detective agency in Gwalior. They assure you a hundred percent success rate in corporate and personal investigation cases. 

Indian Detective Agency Team

Indian Detective Agency Gwalior consists of a strong team that works as one. Teamwork, dedication, sharp brains, loyalty, and discipline are elements based on which they work on every corporate and personal investigation case. They work 24/7 to offer the best support to the clients. Clients' information will be confidential and only limited to the professionals who are working on a particular case. 

Services of Indian Detective Agency 

1. Forensic services such as Polygraph test, handwriting analysis, fingerprint Analysis, Signature verification, DNA test, etc. 
2. Personal Investigation services in Gwalior such as physical background check, property information, loyalty check, etc.
3. Corporate investigation services in Gwalior such as Trademark Infringement, Pre-employment check, undercover agent, risk mitigation, fraud investigation, competitor investigation, industrial espionage, etc.
4. Pre and post matrimonial investigation in Gwalior
5. screening Services in Gwalior
6. Cybercrime Investigation in Gwalior

Trust Indian Detective Agency 

The Indian Detective Agency Gwalior, head office in New Delhi, was established in 1999 by Mr. Sanjay Singh. He worked hard with passion and dedication to bring the agency's name to the investigation world's pioneers. From forensic investigation to cybercrime to matrimonial investigation in Gwalior, he solves every case like a leader and trains other professionals to be future leaders. 


You can connect us at or call us directly at +91-9811151390 to discuss the details of your private, corporate, or matrimonial investigation services in Gwalior. We are happy to help you with our expertise.