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Career and relationship are the two most important aspects of life. Assurance in both that they are going to be secure and successful is essential. You can’t leave everything on destiny as few things need to carry out by yourself. Before signing any business contract with anyone or hiring a new employee for your business, considering a background check is essential. When it comes to love-relationships, ensuring that your partner is loyal and trustworthy so that you both can live a peaceful life, having a marriage investigation is essential. 

Earlier, the concept of marriages was different as a middle man or relative used to find a potential girl or boy for a particular human. But now people are totally depending on dating sites which makes marriages weaker and doubtful. You can’t trust someone sitting behind the screen that they are loyal or genuine enough to get married. The point is ensuring that you are going to tie the knot with someone genuine is a need of the time, not a formality. Don’t take such things lightly as it is a question of your life. 

Hire the Private Detective Agency in Ambala to carry out the private and corporate investigation cases at an easy price. We are the leaders of the investigation world that deliver all security and detective services to our respected clients. We are the top-most and best investigation agency in Ambala with a strong presence in India and foreign as well. We are globally active and have 181 spread network all over the world. With our best investigation services and excellent customer service, IDA (Indian Detective Agency) has gained a huge name and fame in the investigation world. Our professional private detectives are educated, experienced and well-trained young leaders who have the skills to think out of the box that brings results. 

Services of Indian Detective Agency 

We offer all corporate and private detective services in Ambala at affordable rates. Our investigation solutions include asset check, marriage investigation, post- and pre matrimonial investigation, loyalty check etc. IDAPL a private investigator also provides cybercrime, forensic and criminal investigation at affordable rates. You can reach us 24/7 and get a free quote for your case.   

Indian Detective Agency Ambala is headquartered in New Delhi and work 24/7 for their clients. They are linked with ADPI (Association of private detectives and Investigators, India and WAD (World Association of Detectives, USA and have 11 active locations worldwide. You can contact us at or customer support phone number  +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services in Ambala.