Pre Post Employment Checks

Pre/Post Employment Verification

To know the employment history of an applicant is extremely important for the organization before hiring them. Overlooking the significance of background checks may damage the reputation of the company adversely. Besides, it is also important for the organization to conduct post employment checks so as to keep a close eye on the activities of the present employees within the organization. So, considering this fact we at Indian Detective Agency help our esteemed clients to conduct both Pre/Post employment verifications. We help them to gather relevant information and details about the present employees and applicants by conducting detailed checks. Pre/Post Employment Verification make our clients aware about the past and background of the applicant and activities of the employees within the organization. Therefore, it becomes easier for our clients to take informative and correct decisions to make business flourish.

Pre Employment Verification

Through pre employment verification our clients will come to know about past employment and background of the applicant and they can easily make out whether or not it is worthwhile to hire the application for the organization. According to a survey about 60% of the applicants make false C.V to obtain the desired designation in the organization. This type of resume is very harmful and provides false information about the application. With our quality pre employment verification services you can easily find out the edits made in the CV and also we make the hiring process for the management accurate and smooth.

Our expert investigators will confirm the details mentioned in the CV of the applicant. We will also check the background of the applicants and their past employment history. During our pre employment verification we check the employment details of the applicants along with qualifications, past experience and other factors. Our investigators also verify the references provided by applicant at the time of interview. Our investigators work in coordination with the management to investigate the information provided by the employee, thus we make the hiring process smooth and help the company to hire the perfect professionals for the betterment of the company.

Post Employment Verification

With post employment verification our clients will come to know about the activities of all the employees within the organization. If any employee is cheating or doing frauds with the management of the company then they will be unveiled through this investigation. Employees that are designated in higher profile have much potential to access the confidential details of the company. The confidential details of a company should be kept secret always and if it is misused, then the reputation of the company will be harmed adversely. So, to prevent this type of problem post employment verification is conducted. With this type of verification the owners can easily evaluate the loyalty of the employees towards the organization.