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Newspapers are filled with news of how innocent people lost their money, businesses, family or live because they trusted the wrong person. It is a terrible thing that is happening so frequently these days that it is totally normal to find ways to protect you from fraud, forgery and deceit. We recommend finding a professional private detective in Faridabad that has built a good reputation in the industry and can put your suspicions and fears to rest or confirm them so that you can take the necessary action.

Types of Detective Services

Some of the main types of detective services offered by a top detective agency in Faridabad may include:

Personal Investigation Services: Person investigation services include person investigation and theft investigation services. It entails watching people and their activities and gathering data to help the clients find out whether they are right in their suspicions about the person under investigation or not. It may also include dealing with thefts and burglaries.

Corporate Investigation Services: These services include pre and post-employment checks, fraud investigation, intellectual property rights, asset search, competitor investigation, trademark investigation, etc. Localized traders, start-ups, domestic companies as well as multi-national businesses can take advantage of these services.

Matrimonial Investigation Services: These services include pre-matrimonial and post matrimonial services. A person entering a wedlock can find out details about their spouses and make informed decisions and a married person can find out more about their spouse, whether or not he/she is cheating, with these services.

screening Services: From audio and video recordings to motion sensing equipment, detective agencies like Indian Detective Agency can help you carry out background checks on people.

Forensic Services: To solve crimes including fraud, cheating, swindling, deceit, pilferage, etc. forensic services of detective companies can be of great help. The services may include handwriting analysis, fingerprint analysis, polygraph test, DNA test, signature verification, etc.

Cyber Crime Investigation Services: With the rise of the internet, you are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber crime. Hiring one of the best detective agencies in Faridabad can help you immensely in preventing or dealing with cyber crime cases.

Person Investigation Services: Consider hiring person investigation services if you want to keep an eye on a friend, relative or rival. From physical background check and information on mission persons to information on property and loyalty check, you can make sure that you do not trust the wrong person.

Why Indian Detective Agency?

• Strong presence 11 locations across the globe.

• Follow all the directions and guidelines laid out by the government for investigation services.

• Associated with Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI), India and World Association of Detectives (WAD), USA.

• Assured complete confidentiality of information related to our clients and the investigation.

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