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Do you believe that a happy marriage is built on trust? But can you trust someone  who you met a few weeks, months or years ago  to marry them and make them an important part of your life irrespective of whether you fell in love or your family chose them for you? Do you know everything you need to know about their past? Even if they have told you everything, are you sure that they are not hiding something? You only know their past from their own narrative. But what if there was another narrative which was, perhaps, the complete opposite to what they made you believe?

If you have any doubts about your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or betrothed or their family, it would be wise to do something about your suspicions. You cannot simply close your eyes and hope for the best. There is another way that can guarantee a better future for you. And that is to hire someone and run a background check on them or keep an eye on their current activities. Yes, you can hire a detective agency and finally know if you can trust someone or not.

Let Indian Detective Agency help you in putting all your suspicions to rest.

We are one of the top matrimonial detective agencies in Ahmedabad. Founded by Mr. Sanjay more than two decades ago, we offer investigation services including personal investigation, corporate investigation, matrimonial investigation, background check, forensic, cyber crime investigation and person investigation services in Ahmedabad.

Best Private Detectives in Ahmedabad

Indian Detective Agency is one of the top detective agencies in Ahmedabad. Here are 10 reasons why we are the best choice for you:

• We have over 2 decades of experience in the industry.

• We maintain 100% privacy of information.

• We ensure 100% accuracy of data collected during the investigation.

• We provide 24x7 help and support to our clients.

• We offer personal as well as professional detective services at competitive rates.

• We associated with Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI), India and World Association of Detectives (WAD), USA.

• We follow the directions and guidelines laid out by the government for investigation services.

• We have won many awards and accolades and built a great reputation in the market over the years.

• We are headquartered in Moti Bagh, Delhi and are active in 11 locations across the globe.

• We have a strong team of investigators who have the expertise in carrying out different types of detective services in Ahmedabad.

At Indian Detective Agency pvt ltd, we are proud to have a large team of expert detective agents who specialize in the field and are eager to offer the best services to our clients. Email to or call us directly at +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services.