Divorce Case Investigation

Divorce Case Investigation Services

We at Indian Detectives Agency have a special unit for handling Divorce Case Investigation. This unit consists of experts who very well understand the seriousness and emotions that are involved with divorce cases and so they work accordingly ensuring that the investigation is carried out in the best possible way.

Divorce case Investigation unlike other investigations involves lot of emotions and is excessively sensitive in comparison to other cases. They become more sensitive when they involve child custody issue. Our team of experts carry out the entire investigation ensuring that no detail is left and all the information is gathered along with proper evidences. We carry out researches on Background, asset evaluation is done and other researches based on the activities of the target.

We provide relevant evidences that can help your case and make it all the more strong in the court. We use all kinds of latest technologies to provide our customers with the best quality evidences. Our professional and trained experts carry out these investigations in the best possible way.

During legal processes of divorce it is very important for both parties to provide evidences based on which the judgement is made. Often people fail to gather all the information due to lack of resources. However now they need not worry as they can hire us for this task. We will gather all the required information for them so that they can provide all these evidences in the court. For people who think that they should get the custody of their child as their spouse is not fit for handling the child, we can help them gather evidences for the same by carrying out study on the financial status, character screening, behavioural investigation etc.

The charges that we charge are very less as compared to the outstanding services that we provide. Our experts work day and night to gather all the information for their clients.