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Shadow Investigation Services

Shadowing is a type of investigation where the investigators keep close observation of object, place and person. It is a common practice of investigating about a subject to collect details, documents about the subject. This type of investigation include vandalism investigation, worker’s compensation cases, recurrent theft, cheating spouse investigations, missing person searches etc. So, if you doubt that there is something that is happening illegal around you, then hire shadowing services of Indian Detective Agency who will unveil the truth and help you gather all the details and offer you a clear picture about the scenario. Our investigators will investigate the case and deliver you proof and irrefutable evidences to clear all your doubts.

If you have any doubt to clear about your partner, then you may hire your services. We will shadow your partner and put all our efforts to unveil his activities and truth to clear your doubts. Shadowing can be conducted upon any competitors, person, employee and spouse and also upon anyone you doubt. Our investigators are competent enough to offer you minute reports about the suspect along with evidences in the form of video and photographs. Today many people opt for shadowing services of IDA.

They conduct shadowing to document activities in and around a specific location, to document an individual’s location, to gather evidence in civil suits, to gather evidence of crime, to prevent crime, to gather details to be used in interrogation, to gather evidence to be used in court and for various other reasons.

So, if you want to gather information about any person or subject you may hire our shadowing services. Our professional investigators are insured and licensed to carry out shadowing and surveillance to gather evidences through video and audio equipments. They will observe the activities of the subject professionally without letting them know about the investigation. They are trained and have years of experience in observing alleged criminals closely and uncover the truth in any form of evidences.

Our investigators and detectives are well versed with present laws and always adhere to it while conducting investigations.

Therefore, our clients need not to worry about any legal impediments when they entrust the case of shadowing to us. Our Investigators make use of several surveillance equipments to make the investigation effective and to collect accurate information. So, when you want to clear your doubts or want to gather evidences of a suspect, you may hire our services and we guarantee to deliver you accurate details about the person you have suspected with shadowing.

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