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Photography/Audio Recording/Video Surveillance

To prove the submission, the attorney requires strong evidences in the course of lawsuit. Besides, an individual may require evidences to file suit and for our of court settlements. Evidences are very crucial without which it becomes impossible to make claims and to win any case in courtroom. Evidences can be categorized into different categories like conclusive, hearsay, circumstantial and material. But, if you have evidences in the form of photograph, video and audio recording then you have a fair good chance to win any lawsuit at court. Being a leading private detective agency for evidence collection, we at Indian Detective Agency have team of expert investigators who collect accurate and strong evidences for you from the actual crime scene. With the use of latest gadgets and Photography/Audio Recording/Video Surveillance we collect evidences for our clients and this type of material evidence not only makes your case stronger, but also your chance of wining the case increases significantly.

We specialize in providing documentary report to our clients and we help our clients to record evidences and proofs in the form of photos/audio/video recording so that our clients can use them to file any lawsuit. We also conduct video surveillance to monitor the activities of people and their vehicles. We use best-in-class spy cameras, audio recording equipments and video camcorders to record video of people through video surveillance. All the evidences we collect are legitimate and accurate and can help our clients to file lawsuit in court.

Our expert investigators also capture images of people which are also considered to be strong evidence in courtroom. They also do physical investigation to collect more information about suspects. They collect evidence in form of video coverage, audio recording and photographs. The evidence we collect and provide you help you to make informative and correct decisions in your life and also help you to file lawsuit in court if required. All our investigators are fully dedicated to uncover the real truth of each case.

Though we are headquartered in Delhi, but we offer photos/audio recording/video surveillance services across the nation and to different sectors to collect evidences. We guarantee to conduct surveillance with utmost care and collect evidences in form of photo, audio and video to make sure that accurate information is provided to our clients by all means. Evidences play a crucial role in both civil and criminal suits. Hiring our services to collect evidences ensures that nothing worthwhile will be missed.

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